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19 January 2019 - Blog Update

January 21st, 2019

19 January 2019 - Blog Update

19 January 2019

Blog updated - Group Gallery Featured Curated Photo Wall Art.

New SurXposed Pixels Website

January 21st, 2019

New SurXposed Pixels Website

Our new Pixels website is now Live.


Select Photographic Wall Art available for a Limited Time.

*Eros *Erotic *Nude

INTIMITA ~ Erotic, Erotica, Sensual, Seductive, Artistic Gallery Of Nudes Fine Art Photography:

Les Femmes. "Le cinéma substitue a notre regard un monde qui s'accorde a nos désirs." (ouverture du Mépris de Godard)

Surexpose: Simplic Caramel
Surexposed: Twisty Bite
Surxposed: Slick Cream

Definition: surexposé (French)
Verb - Past participle of surexposer
Adjective - surexposé (masc.) (fem. surexposée, masc. pl. surexposés, fem. pl. surexposées)
photography - overexposed

This is your ultimate source of inspiration for Home Decor in finding the most gorgeous, beautiful, seductive and sensual erotica, nude and boudoir photographs for your collection. Erotique Wall Photo Art.

High-Quality Color, And Black And White...